Supervision and Consultation


Clinical supervision is offered by the High View Practice which can be arranged on a regular basis or “as needed” by the professional concerned. We would also be pleased to offer supervision to small groups of professionals seeking to maximize their experience of supervision by using a group, whilst dividing the cost.

Clinical supervision can be provided in relation a number of different areas of therapeutic work including:

  • Children and families
  • Adults
  • Therapeutic and staff groups
  • EMDR


Psychologically informed consultation is available to organisations wanting to explore, understand and work with the conscious and unconscious aspects of their internal functioning and their relationship to the external world.

Consultation is also available to individuals or organisations working with children. Consultation may follow an assessment of a child to support the implementation of any recommendations or may address specific concerns that an organisation has in providing care to a child or group of children.

Consultation is available to:

  • Schools
  • Children’s homes
  • Fostering agencies