Adult Services

at High View

Practice Philosophy

We all have difficulties from time to time and sometimes these difficulties can seem insurmountable. Talking to people can help, but sometimes it is difficult to talk to the people closest to you.

If the difficulties begin to affect everyday life and it seems difficult to find a way forward, it may help to talk things through with a Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist.
At High View we offer “talking therapy” because we believe that the best way to deal with psychological problems is to talk about them with someone else in order to begin to understand how, and why, the problems have arisen and what can be done about them.
Talking therapies involve having a conversation with a therapist who is trained to listen attentively and to help you find your own answers, without judging you.
This can involve a range of things including helping you to find the root causes of your problems and ways to deal with these, to change your behaviour or negative thoughts or simply to support you. Talking therapies do not offer “magic solutions”. They can be hard work and progress can be slow or painful. It may not be the right time for you to talk, or talking about things may make you feel worse to begin with before things improve.

Who can be helped?

The practice offers assessment and treatment of adults aged 18+ who are experiencing psychological problems.

The service at High View may be helpful to those who are experiencing:

  • Problems in their relationships with other people
  • Depression, anxiety or other psychological difficulties
  • Difficulties associate with low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Work related stress
  • Problems following bereavement, loss or other traumatic events in their lives

And those who:

  • Feel overwhelmed with life and unable to cope.
  • Have difficulty in dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, frustration and anger,
  • or experience a loss of meaning in their lives.
  • Want to change unfulfilling aspects of their lives.
  • Are interested in personal development and in developing their own creativity.
  • People experiencing severe or complex mental health difficulties that require the intervention of a number of mental health professionals working together will not usually be seen within the Practice.

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